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Mailing List
Name: Chinook
Date(s): 2000 - ?
Moderators/List Maintainers: Nancy, Alex, since 2001 Alex and Tiggy Malvern
Founder(s): Nancy, Alex
Type: fanfic discussion
Fandom: Due South
URL: Welcome to Chinook!, Archived version
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Chinook was a list for discussion and review of Due South fanfic.

The primary focus was slash fic, but it was open to discussion of gen as well. In January 2001, rules changed so the discussion of the show itself was welcome.

The list FAQs are here: Chinook FAQ, Archived version.

The Rules: 2001

The Rules

Item 1 : List Description and other Critical Information.

a) The purpose of the Chinook mailing list is the review and discussion of due South Fanfic. Our primary interest is in slash fiction,but we are gen friendly, with the caveats below. We wish to encourage and discuss good writing in all genres. Discussion of the show is also welcome, particularly matters of charcterisation and story that relate to fanfic rather than long drooling essays about who looks good in which outfits (there are other perfectly nice lists for that)!

b) 'Slash' for this list will cover both male/male and female/female pairings.

c) 'Gen' for this list is defined as : a story with no romantic pairings, or where romantic pairings are completely incidental and not central to the plot. This type of gen is welcomed with open arms, het stories (also sometimes called gen) on the other hand, are not.

d) We define het as : stories with a central male/female romantic pairing. However, stories of this nature that lead to slash or have a central theme of slash tension will be allowed, as will those set in, or with flashbacks, to canon (events that happened before or during the series) following the same guidelines.

e) Stories with a central original female OC (whether a sexual interest or not) are likely to be of little interest given the slash orientation of the list.

f) Some OT discussion and chattiness are allowed, but should be kept within reason. "Me too" posts and other one liners are to be avoided (if you agree with someone, say why) and the admins will end any off topic threads at their discression.

Item 2: Behavior Guidelines

a) Chinook is an open membership list. This means we don't require age statements or notification upon joining. We encourage new members to start off with a review of their favorite story as a way of introduction.

b) Members are responsible for anything they write or forward to the list (no matter who the author of the original email was). Offlist personal email is really none of the Admins business, however if we hear of continuing harassment of one list member to another, the offender will be warned and if it continues, banned.

c) Reviewers may cc reviews to authors at their discression. At this point it becomes private email between the author and reviewer and not the buisness of the the list or the admins. Reviewers are encouraged to give the author some form of feedback, but should think about how their review may be taken (especially in the case of a negative review).

d) Lively, informed and opinionated discussion is welcome and greatly encouraged. Even if things get a bit heated, only Admins have the authority to axe a topic (and will only do so if it becomes personal) and anyone who uses the infamous 'you have a delete key, use it' retort will be pointed out and laughed at.

e) Flames are defined as ad hominem attacks, i.e. a specific and personal attack on a person, not a person's opinions or their writing. That simple. The same goes during discussions. A list member may say, "These opinions are trite and uniformed" to another during a discussion. However, they may *not* say "I think you ("you" being the critical difference) are stupid and pathetic", that is considered a flame.

f) Snarky, derisive and critical non-personal comments may be made in both review and discussion. But be mindful of how your comments may be taken, and hope that others will do the same.

g) No one is permitted to criticize the constructiveness or otherwise of any post. While we encourage constructive criticism, any member may express their feelings what ever they may be, so long as it is in a civil, non personal fashion. No one is obliged to find something nice to say about a story they don't like, or to tell the author in person what their opinion is. Any author may join the list and reply. If they choose not to do so, that is their responsibility, not that of the member in question.

h) Anyone using the infamous 'use the delete button' defense, or insisting that saying Mary Q Somebody's latest story reeks in every detail is not constructive, will be thrown to the list for suitable mauling.

i) Also, only the admins have the right to admonish a list member (with exceptions for the 'delete button' defense). Unless you want to take on the task of being a moderator, this will be left to us, and anyone delivering a cybersmack will get one themselves. Being on this list means checking your egos at the door. If you don't like the idea of authors' work being discussed in a frank and honest fashion, you will notice the door was not locked on your way in.

Item 4 : Critiques / Reviews and Discussion.

a) We do not want a line by line critique of a story. You may point out amusing bloopers, or note that a character's name is consistently misspelled, or errors of that kind. You may also mention a general lack of good grammar, spelling or punctuation, especially when it interferes with the enjoyment of the story but there is no need to belabour the point. Characterization, plot, dialogue and overall enjoyment are of interest to all readers, and you are encouraged to discuss the author's approach to these, and any other matters arising from the story - such as the philosophy behind it, the attitude to the reader, general trends it illustrates. Let your mind rove unfettered - say the spelling sucks, and get down to the really important stuff.

b) The kind of review to avoid; if after reading a story all you can think to say is "love it, want more", then *please* step back, hold off a while, let it soak in and then try to do a more full bodied critique. If after reflection you can still only think of positive comments, fine. It's a good place to start. Try and make them as complete and fully voiced as possible. Don't just tell us you liked it, tell us *why* you liked it and what you liked.

c) And if you can only say how much you *dislike* a story, ditto. Step back, then tell us why you didn't.

d) General fanfic discussion is also welcome; if you'd like to discuss a trend in dS fan fiction or find out readers' opinions on various genres or phenomena, Chinook is the place to do it.

Item 5 : Posting story announcements. WIPs, Serials and Series.

a) For a story to be reviewed on Chinook it must be available on a public web page. Authors may post story announcements to Chinook to encourage reviewers, but not the story themselves. There are other lists and archives for that.

b) Serials (a many part continuing story with a definite beginning and end) and Series (a series of connected stories) are allowed, WIPs (Works in Progress) are not. If you are an author in search of a beta, try our working betas list or other listed alternatives.

c) Beta Requests; you may ask for one so long you clearly indicate that in your subject header, and ask for replies to this off-list. See our Beta FAQ.

And last but most importantly, read! *g*

Your not too Incompetent and Often Friendly Moderators,

Tiggy Malvern [and] Alex [1]


  1. ^ The Rules, Archived version