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You may be looking for China, the X-Files story by Punk Maneuverability.

Title: China
Author(s): torch
Date(s): January 2000
Length: 54,200 words
Genre: slash, crossover
Fandom: Highlander/The X-Files
External Links: China (the flambeau factory)
China (AO3)
China (The Basement)
cover art by Laura Shapiro

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China is a Methos/Mulder Highlander/The X-Files crossover by torch.

Summary: Mulder is looking for witches. Methos is looking for some peace and quiet. Whether they'll find what they're looking for in rural Indiana is anyone's guess.

Extensive Author Comments

Author's Notes

This is Vyola's auction story from Connexions 1998. I have been dreadfully slow about it, and apologize most humbly. There are some small weirdnesses. The reader will have to ignore the fact that XF is a TV show in the HL universe, and my decision to fiddle with the timelines of the shows—I'm well aware that there is a discrepancy. For XF, this is set after the Reduxes; for HL, it's post-everything (no Raven). It's rated NC-17 for explicit sex, explicit violence, and moderately explicit experimental cooking.

Laura Shapiro made the cover art for the story.[1]

Recs and Reviews

story banner
  • "I've been reading HL again. And the first thing I had to read was by torch, because I remembered she had something out. That something was China, an extraordinarily long Methos/Mulder crossover that is simply brilliant and, amazingly enough for this One True Pairing!babe, actually *works* for me as a slash story as well."[2]
  • "This is a long, plotty X-File story that has the Mulder/Methos relationship as a counterpoint to the investigation - and is extremely well done."[3]
  • "Okay, there are two ways to do this kind of crossover - there's the way where everyone has secrets (in this case, especially Methos) and the crossover characters don't necessarily know or ever figure out all of each other's secrets, and then there's the way where the author gives all the characters a sealed enveloped containing ep summaries, Wikipedia entries, and headshots. I prefer the first way. And that is the route Torch goes here. I love stories like this, where you see two characters you know well [...] meeting and trying to figure each other out. And I especially love it when the characters can't figure each other out entirely. But this is not just some snippet of awesomeness [...]. This is a whole story, with, you know, Mulder being Mulder, Scully being Scully, and Methos being whoever he feels like being this decade. There's a small town! There's accusations of witchcraft! No one gets burned at the stake! I just - I really love that it's not just about Methos and Mulder; there's all these other things going on. And there's Methos, and Methos is never a hardship [...]. Plus, you know, there's the sex. That doesn't hurt. I'm just saying."[4]


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