Chimera (Facelift story)

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Title: Chimera
Author(s): Kitty Fisher
Length: 35K
Genre: slash
Fandom: Facelift
External Links: online here

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Chimera is a Zax/"Philip" story by Kitty Fisher.

According to a comment at Crack Van, it was originally printed in a zine.

Reactions and Reviews

The first time I read this it was in zine format, and I was a bit clueless about the Zax character, but I still loved it. But it's actually based on the Facelift movie -- Doyle as Zax. I've always loved this universe, and this short story is very hot. It reminds me of Master of the Revels by HG (another Zax story), but it certainly stands on its own. [1]


  1. May 2005 rec at Crack Van