Chicago TARDIS

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Name: Chicago TARDIS
Dates: 2000-
Frequency: annual
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Focus: Doctor Who
Organization: Alien Entertainment
Founder: Gene Smith
Founding Date:
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From the official website: Held since 2000, Chicago Tardis is the Midwest’s largest doctor who event! Made by fans, for fans, our convention aims to give our attendees the most positive fan experience possible. Not only do we welcome guests from the new and classic series of doctor who each year, we also offer programming that attendees can learn from and participate in.


Con Report

The hotel was very nice and the organization of the convention seemed well handled. The line-ups for the convention registration were from what I saw rather shorter (I waited no longer than five minutes, not bad at all).


Chicago Tardis, guests included: Mary Tamm (first Romana), John Leeson (voice of K9), Sylvester McCoy (seventh Doctor), Jason Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Lars Pearson. Everyone was suitably entertaining and interesting to listen to. Sylvester was entertaining and humorous as usual. Mary was charming and John entertained the masses with a number of voices and funny stories.


We had a DWIN table there. Tom Beck of the Prydonians of Prynceton was kind enough to share part of his table with us. It was nice to caught up on goings on with him when the table wasn't busy (it was busy most of the time though!) We signed up a number of new DWIN members (welcome to all of them) and got a chance to talk to some DWIN members who we hadn't talked to since we were last in the Chicago area. We had a successful DWIN room party.


There were a number of fan panels that were enjoyable to participate in CT. It was good to meet other people from other fan clubs. It was definitely true that there were a higher percentage of people in attendance who were attending their first Doctor Who convention. They seemed to find us in the Dealers room easily and it was great talking to them. I think that this higher percentage of new people to who attended CT bodes well for the convention, how the con managed this I'm not sure but it was really to their credit however they managed it.[1]


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