Chicago Beat

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Title: Chicago Beat
Publisher: Nuthatch Press, Australia
Editor(s): JJ
Date(s): April 1998
Series?: no
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Due South
Language: English
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Chicago Beat is a slash Due South fanzine anthology published in Australia by Nuthatch Press. It has 130 pages and is coil bound (slightly longer paper). It focuses on the Fraser/Vecchio pairing.

From the Editorial

As usual, the last thing to be written is the editorial - the morning before the zine is printed! So please forgive me if this column sounds as if it was composed in haste. It was.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to, and helped to produce and to market this zine: girls, you're angels! It wouldn't have happened without you, because as most of fandom knows, my private life is a chaos just now, and if the whole job were left to me ... woooh! But here it is, done, finished, printed, and I'm astonished. I'm also very pleased indeed with this issue, which surely has something (or everyone, and also something that touches on all three seasons of the show. It's been suggested that fannish interest in dueSOUTH has diminished since DM left the show, but if the reaction to the appearance of the CHICAGO BEAT flyer is anything to go by, I don't think this can be totally true. More likely, fans are still "'trying to get a handle" on the new format ... and, admittedly. wishing Ray-V was back. Ray-K is better than expected, but I've yet to hear from a fan who can see /-relationship potential ... or is enthusiastic about CKR. Hmmm.

This zine contains only, and all, Fraser/Vecchio pieces. Relax. There's a Season Three story, and you should love it!

Regarding Paper Size, Mailing Costs, and the "Invisible" Aussie Dollar

Lastly - you may notice that this zine has been formatted for American "'letter'" size paper. [Jackie B] and I are experimenting with printing in the US. If this works out, you will be able to buy the zines at cons for a much better price than having them bulk-mailed over ... but Jackie doesn't do mailorder, girls, so the only way to get new zines as soon as they appear is to order from Aus. Betty Ann will carry a few copies of the dS zines too, and can always place your order for you, if you don't like to send money overseas. The good news; the Aussie dollar has shrunk almost out of sight. If you have a credit card, and can avoid bank conversion fees, the zines are cheaper than ever! Email me for a quote ... you'll blink in surprise! Aussie zines right now, including shipping, are probably cheaper than zines produced anywhere else in the world. Why? Our dollar is invisible.


From the publisher's flyer:

  • Wolves Come Out to Play by Jane (A serial murderer has just killed for the fourth time. CNN are calling him "The Saturday Night Killer," because he always makes his kill that night, and his victims are all "of a type." Young women, tall and statuesque, intelligent and beautiful -- and redheads, every one. Chicago PD has exhausted its leads, and the killer will surely strike again ... but how can you make an arrest and go into court, when the only witness to the crime is a deaf wolf??) (6)
  • Heard No More by Quill. Irene has dead, and suffering from a painful case of irreconcilable differences, Ray Vecchio walks away from Fraser -- and keeps walking. Alone, Fraser must learn to cope, and comes to question his own actions. Ray is troubled, but not until the RCMP once again contends with a certain small, dark, curly-haired and malevolent woman who has no love of Mounties does the situation reach flashpoint. And even then, who could have guessed that it was another woman entirely ... a career officer often exasperated by a certain Mountie! ... who lit the fuse.) (30)
  • Paternity by Jane (It's drama in downtown Chicago, soap opera in the suburbs, when a paternity suit is leveled against the inhabitant of a third-floor apartment in a block on Racine ... with hilarious results.) (38)
  • Many Happy Returns by Corby ("HC" on some flyers) (It's Ray's birthday, and spending it on duty in the car is not his idea of fun ... save that Fraser is with him, and if Ray can only convince the Mountie to open up and share sensual fantasies, this could be quite a birthday. The problem is...) (44)
  • Best Kept Secrets by Barbara Jones (With Vecchio in deep cover, far from Chicago, Fraser is once again lonely. His work with Kowalski is in many ways rewarding, but not in that way. So, when Ray calls the Consulate with the news that he can get away for a day...) (56)
  • Old Flames, New Fires by Jane (An "ancillary" story in the universe that began with Heaven and Hell and continued with "Somewhere North of Sixty" (in Fire and Ice). Following his somewhat astonishing meeting with Fraser's old Academy friend, David Ackroyd, Ray wants to know just exactly what happened between those two -- the how, when and why! Fraser is reluctant to tell that story, but ...) (71)