Chiaroscuro (Man from UNCLE story)

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Title: Chiaroscuro
Author(s): Katya Baturinsky
Date(s): 2002
Fandom: Man from U.N.C.L.E.
External Links: online here

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Chiaroscurois a Man from U.N.C.L.E. story by Katya Baturinsky.

It was published in the zine Relative Secrecy #6 and is online.

The Author Comments

It was my first fic, and my lord, does it show. (You've been warned.) I took it down a while back because its online existence was so mortifying, but hey, how do you expect to survive fandom if you can't mock yourself, right? (The rest of the zine is much better, really. Lots of good writers therein.) [1]

Reactions and Reviews

I'm in awe of writers who write love scenes that are hot and romantic and spellbinding all at the same time. Though there's so much more than that to this story, though some might see this as little more than a PWP, it's that part that stays with me afterwards, the almost lyrical quality of their coming together. Yet Napoleon is still Napoleon and Illya is still Illya; no shrinking violets here. I guess that's what makes it so great. [2]
Wow — that was one of the greatest first-time scenes I’ve ever read. [3]


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