Chemical: A Moicy Fanzine

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Title: Chemical: A Moicy Fanzine
Date(s): 2019
Fandom: Overwatch
Language: English
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Chemical: A Moicy Fanzine is an Overwatch zine for the pairing Mercy/Moira. Proceeds were donated to the Zebra Coalition.

The zine purchase options were as follows:

  • Physical copy of the art book that has the works and commentaries of 32 contributors.
  • PDF of both the fanart and fanfiction books (six fanfictions), as well as links to two fanmixes.
  • Bundle Pack, including physical copy of the art book, fanfiction book, stickers, a charm, a free download of the PDF version, and links to two fanmixes.


The first Moira/Mercy zine, Chemical was greeted with enthusiasm upon its announcement on Tumblr in 2018. It gathered over 70 applications for the fanart section alone.[1] Applications for fanfics and fanmixes were also accepted. It was organized by Hatsunemikuo and Neroakita.

The organizers however drew some controversy for their admission criteria. Applicants that had in the past supported pairings they deem "problematic"[2] or "toxic and abusive"[3] could be rejected without further explanation. This was followed by some M/M ship wars on the zine's blog, unrelated to Moira and Mercy themselves. Following this, some of the ship's artists conveyed uncertainty about whether to apply for the zine, whereas others were rejected without specific details.

During the production progress one of the two organizers went missing, leaving it unclear for a while whether the zine would make it into production.[4] The issues were cleared and the zine went up for preorders in Oct 2018.[5]

Close to the publication date, one of the accepted fanfic writers claimed to suddenly have been barred from the Zine, only after the whole fanfic had already been completely written out:

To make a long story short, this is a fic that was supposed to be for the Moicy Zine, "Chemical", a project I had been very eager to participate in from the start. At the last moment, instead of trying to consult me throughout the creation process of the Zine, the two admins decided last minute as they're setting the zine up for printing to let me know my fic was unacceptable and they had tried to edit it to make it more 'acceptable' for the zine. In the end, they could not do that and decided to scrap me and my piece altogether and tell me literally last god damn minute. [6]

A donation of $2,763 was made to the Zebra Coalition on April 4th, 2019.[7]