Chaz Awards

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Name: Chaz Awards
Date(s): 2003-2005(?)
Frequency: annual
Type: fanfiction, canon scenes/episodes
Associated Community: JAGFanFest
Fandom: JAG
URL: 2003 Chaz Awards, 2004 Chaz Awards, 2005 Rules and Submissions Guidelines
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The Chaz Awards were JAG fan awards first presented at the 2003 JAGFanFest.


From the 2005 Chaz Awards page:

The Chaz Awards began in 2003 to honor excellence in writing, both on the part of the show's writers and on the part of the many wonderful "amateur" authors in the fanfic arena. Named after Charles F. Johnson, JAG's Co-Executive Producer and a great friend and supporter of the JAGFanFests, the Chaz Awards proved to be a hit with the fans, who supported them in a variety of ways - carefully considering the episodes and submitting nominating essays, diligently creating original stories for the fanfic side of the awards, and, of course, through their votes to determine the winners.

We are proud to bring you the 3rd Annual Chaz Awards in conjunction with JAGFanFest East 2005. As always, there will be two divisions - one for the show's writers and one for fan authors.

Any JAG fan can enter a fanfic or nominate a scene or episode from the show. The show nominations will apply only to Season 10 (September 2004-May 2005), as earlier seasons were covered in previous years.

2003 Winners

FanFic Contest Winners

  • Filk - The Ballad of Harmon Rabb by Clairisant
  • Vignette - Faithful to the End by Brian Carpenter
  • Songfic - General Song - Deadly Harm by Clairisant
  • Songfic - Love Song - A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry by Paula Bilyeu
  • Missing Scene - Any Way You Can by AeroGirl
  • Flashfic - Dr. MacKenzie by Nesabj
  • Drama Challenge - In the Line of Duty by Kristina
  • Comedy Challenge - Mirror, Mirror On the Wall by Clairisant
  • Word Challenge - What's in a Name? by Clairisant
  • Best in Contest - A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry by Paula Bilyeu

Show Awards

  • Defining "Harm" Moment - "Need to Know" written by Philip Deguere, Jr.
  • Defining "Mac" Moment - "Webb of Lies" written by R. Scott Gemmill
  • Defining "AJ" Moment - "Code of Conduct" written by Dana Coen
  • Defining "Bud" Moment - "People v. Rabb" written by Larry Moskowitz
  • Most Romantic Moment - "A Tangled Webb" written by Stephen Zito
  • Most Humorous Moment - "Yeah, Baby!" written by R. Scott Gemmill
  • Most Dramatic Moment - "Critical Condition" written by Charles Holland
  • Best Portrayal of Past Events - "Each of Us Angels" written by Darcy Meyers
  • Best Christmas Episode - "Answered Prayers" written by Paul J. Levine
  • Best Courtroom Episode - "JAG TV" written by Patrick Labyorteaux
  • Best Adventure Episode - "To Russia With Love" written by Larry Moskowitz and Donald P. Bellisario
  • Best Representative JAG Episode - "Jagathon" written by Dana Coen

2004 Winners

Fanfic Winners

  • Best Vignette - Tie - "Retiring" by Ava Vanyo and "She Doesn't Dance" by Anne (Deweycat)
  • Best Flashfic - "Goodbye" by Nancy P.
  • Best Missing Scene Story - "What If? Revisited" by Ava Vanyo
  • Best Harm/Mac Story - Tie - "Time's Up" by Ava Vanyo and "The Waltz" by Teresa (jerseygirl)
  • Best AJ/Mac Story - "Anagnorisis" by Shannon
  • Best Webb/Mac Story - "Who Am I This Time?" by Ava Vanyo
  • Best Other Romance Story - "My Sister's Keeper" by Ava Vanyo
  • Best Challenge 2004 Story - Tie - "Friends Are There When You Need Them" by Ava Vanyo and "Since Feeling is First" by Shannon
  • Best in Contest - "Friends Are There When You Need Them" by Ava Vanyo

Show Winners

  • Best "Harm" Moment - Tie between "Secret Agent Man" by Darcy Meyers and "Hail and Farewell" by Dana Coen
  • Best "Mac" Moment - "Persian Gulf" by Philip DeGuere, Jr.
  • Best "AJ" Moment - "Hail and Farewell" by Dana Coen
  • Best "Bud" Moment - Tie between "Posse Comitatus" by Paul Levine and "Trojan Horse" (DPB's star) by Darcy Meyers
  • Best "Other JAG Character" Moment - Tie between "A Tangled Webb, Part 2" by Stephen Zito and "What If?" by Stephen Zito and Don McGill
  • Best Dramatic Moment - Tie between "Touchdown" by Matt Witten and "A Girl's Best Friend" by Darcy Meyers
  • Best Comedic Moment - "What If?" by Stephen Zito and Don McGill
  • Best Courtroom Episode - "Fighting Words" by Matt Witten
  • Best Adventure Episode - "Persian Gulf" by Philip DeGuere, Jr.
  • Best Representative JAG Episode - "Hail and Farewell" by Dana Coen