Chasing Cars

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Title: Chasing Cars
Creator: Laura McEwan
Date: January 2007
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:40
Music: "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Footage: Starsky & Hutch DVD's, complete seasons
URL: YouTube and vid announcement on Starsky_Hutch community on LJ

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Chasing Cars is a Starsky & Hutch vid by Laura McEwan.

Vidder's summary: If I lay here, if I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Vidder's notes: January 2007 Starsky POV

At the time I made this, a local radio station known for playing a bit more eclectic selection of music began playing Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars", and it seems the song picked up in popularity a few months later, so I was a bit ahead of the pack, and was ready with a vid to a newly popular song at just the right moment. The more I heard this song, the more I began to see a vid playing out in my head. All my life I've found situations for songs, or songs for situations, so this wasn't anything particularly new—except that I had just gotten a new laptop over the summer and it had Windows Movie Maker.

In making the vid itself, I was very caught up in the idea of how many times the boys are injured on the job, and in my head they built up, from drunk to nearly dead and other incidents in between. Starsky was asking the questions and Hutch was his garden, bursting into life—that lifeline he needed to hang onto this world throughout all his torture—drunk on moonshine, poisoned, shot in the back and held hostage, and gunned down in the parking lot of the police station, falling with his head resting in the wheel well of his own beloved Torino.

And I didn't end it on a happy note. It ends desperately, without knowing the outcome—unless you're a fan and have watched that final episode...but if you're just watching the vid, it ends on an uncertain note and leaves the drama.


From the vid announcement on Starsky_Hutch community on LJ:

"Fantastic first vid, Laura! That's really a beauty."

"Those three words That is amazing, what a great vid. I love Snow Patrol, and that song just seems so perfect. You really got the images working together so well with the lyrics. I got all emotional watching this. Really awesome."

"Gorgeous - the music and the vid match each other perfectly. I love it to bits - thanks for posting"