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Synonyms: swap table
See also: fan con, charity
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A Charity Swap Table is a table set up at a fan run convention where fans can give away fannish memorabilia such as fanzines, DVDs, songtapes, photos, fan art, t-shirts, books, printed netfic etc. The list of what can be found on charity swap tables is endless. When a fan finds something they like, they place a few dollars in the donation jar. Donation amounts are left up to the individual and funds are collected at the unmanned table via the honor system. Proceeds are then given to the charity that the convention has selected. For example, Escapade 2012 donated funds to the Food Share, Ventura County Food Bank. On occasion, Swap Tables are set up as memorials. Escapade 2012 hosted a table dedicated to Sandy Herrold's fannish collection. Escapade was an early adopter of the charity swap table, holding their first one in 1995.

Examples of Usage

  • "Friday. Before 10 AM: arrive, register, put [art] in the art show, dump stuff on swap table."[1]
  • "I managed to score a physical copy of The Empty Chair at the book swap, as well as a random New Frontier book and a book about early Star Trek fandom, and then we also managed to dump the leftovers on the swap table despite the con suite technically being closed, FTW. We are stealthy! [2]
  • "Keeping up the successful tradition, the Swap Table is back for another year! Bring all your neat fan-finds that you just don't have room for, or perhaps schwag for fandoms you're just not into these days, and let other fans take them home to love. Don't forget to have a look to see what others have brought that just might tickle your fancy in return. Zines, action figures, books, art, con-schwag, buttons, DVDs -the Swap Table welcomes it all! "[3]
  • "Escapade’s slash swap meet is an elegant exercise in generosity. Functionally, it’s a space where fans can leave fannish stuff they no longer want (dvds, videotapes, books, etc) and pick up fannish stuff they do want. You get to decide what’s a fair swap. If you didn’t bring anything to swap, but you want something, just drop a few (or many) dollars into the kitty; all funds collected at the swap table go to our convention charity. As you pack for Escapade, take a look around for things you might like to bring for the swap table. Think of it this way, the more room you create, the more new stuff you can bring home."[4]


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