Changes (Alex Rider story)

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Title: Changes
Author(s): ForeverChasingDreams
Date(s): 01 January 2010- 22 February 2013
Length: 98,291 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
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Changes is an Alex Rider story by ForeverChasingDreams.

Summary: Everything Alex knows has been ripped from him, and his mind and body torn to shreds. Now he has to recover what little he can from the wreckage, and deal with the storms that are coming. It's a good thing K Unit are there to pull him through as he struggles to fight off old and new demons. Now Complete.

Recs and Reviews

Alex is sent to live with Ben after being held captive. This is a heavy one. It deals with permanent physical trauma and major PTSD and the author pulls no punches. But this fic personally got me through some stuff. Hard-earned found family.[1]


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