Chameleon Circuit (zine)

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Title: Chameleon Circuit
Publisher: Faceless Ones, a Dr Who club located in Toronto, Canada.
Type: club zine
Frequency: 4x year
Fandom: Dr Who, Blake's 7 and Red Dwarf
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From a post in March 1994 to the Lysator mailing list describing the zine:

"I know of a magazine called Chameleon Circuit published by the Faceless Ones, who are a Dr Who club located in Toronto, Canada. Their magazine is published 4 times a year, and although being largely Dr Who, Blakes 7 and Red Dwarf make up the rest of the magazine. In the last few issues they've been reviewing the video tapes as they come out. They're up to season 4 I think by now. They look at individual stories and do a general season overview.

membership is $10 Cdn, i think for 4 issues, don't know US rate.

they also sell the Blakes 7 videos. They are original copies released by BBC Video and sell for $20 US each, plus shipping, and have two unedited, 52 minute episodes per tape. You can write to the same address as above to ask for details.

They also sell Dr Who and Red Dwarf video releases. Just to be safe, write to the above adress first to confirm it is the right address before you send any money over."