Chameleon Circuit (band)

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Fannish Band
Name: Chameleon Circuit
Type of music: Trock band
Current Members: Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Liam Dryden
Former Members: Chris Beattie (2008-2011), Ed Blann (2011-2014)
Dates Active: 2008-2014
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Links: DFTBA Store, Twitter, Bandcamp
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Chameleon Circuit are a Trock band founded by Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell.


In 2008, Alex Day began writing songs about Doctor Who, and dubbed the resulting genre "Time Lord Rock" or "Trock". Charlie McDonnell, also a fan, did the same and released an acoustic performance of Blink.[1] They later joined forces with Liam Dryden and Chris Beattie to form Chameleon Circuit, the first Trock band. [2]

The band was beset by problems. During the creation of their first album, Chameleon Circuit, their producer abruptly left the project, and after months of attempting to find another producer to finish the album, the band were forced to release it uncompleted. For their second album, Still Got Legs, Beattie left the band and was replaced by Ed Blann.[3] Michael Aranda was hired as producer for their second album, but was barred from entering the UK for two months during the albums creation.[4]. In 2014, Alex Day announced that Ed Blann had left the band.[5] Following accusations of sexual assault levelled against Alex Day, the band announced an indefinite hiatus later in 2014.


Chameleon Circuit

  1. "An Awful Lot of Running"
  2. "Gallifreyan History 101"
  3. "Count the Shadows"
  4. "Shipwrecked"
  5. "Type 40"
  6. "Blink"
  7. "Exterminate, Regenerate"
  8. "K9's Lament"
  9. "Journey's End"
  10. "Friends of the Ood"

Still Got Legs

  1. "The Subwave Signal"
  2. "Regenerate Me"
  3. "Nightmares"
  4. "Travelling Man"
  5. "Everything is Ending"
  6. "Mr Pond"
  7. "Kiss the Girl"
  8. "Knock Four Times"
  9. "Teenage Rebel"
  10. "Big Bang Two"
  11. "Eleven"
  12. "The Sound of Drums"
  13. "Silence and the End of All Things"
  14. "The Doctor is Dying"
  15. "Still Not Ginger"


  • "Doctor What"
  • "Count The Shadows"


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