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Mahal, also known as Aulë, is the Vala who created Tolkien's dwarves. In canon, dwarves go to the Halls of Waiting to await Arda Reborn with their kin.[1] In fanon, the dwarven Halls are overseen by Mahal, not Mandos.

In many Hobbit fanworks, Mahal can be persuaded to release certain dwarves back to life if asked correctly. This trope often resembles classic stories about bargaining with death, but works usually contain a Tolkien-specific twist (for example, Mahal's personality is generally more straightforward and light-hearted than many death-related deities, and any required trials for a character to prove themselves usually come from dwarven culture).

Works based on Orpheus and Eurydice exist, many of them posted shortly after Battle of the Five Armies was released. There are also works where Thorin Oakenshield or his already-dead kin petition for his or his nephews' release.

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