Chakotay Forever

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Name: Chakotay Forever
Date(s): last updated 01 October 2003
Archivist: mysticmcknight
Type: fanfiction, character focus
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: (Wayback, 2008)
Chakotay Forever.png
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Chakotay Forever was a Voyager fanfiction archive hosted on GeoCities. It had a picture gallery and a link section.

This site is dedicated to the Voyager character Chakotay (played by Robert Beltran). This site contains Adult fanfiction, stories written about our favoirite First Officer, by members of the Chakotay Fest or other Chakotay lovers.

It was linked at CaPtive as a Chakotay/Paris site.[1]


The site hosted fiction by: Ainzfern, Arachnethe2, AtieJen, Blindwolf, Cait N., Cheryl Forbes, CrazyLoving, Gwendolyn, Holmes, Jaye, Jettwall, Kim R, Kneipho, Lelah Angel, Patti, Saklani Sihalya, StormRaven, T'Lin, Tiggedy2.


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