Cassie Sullivan

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Name: Cassiopeia "Cassie" Sullivan
Occupation: previously a student
Relationships: Sam Sullivan (brother), Lisa Sullivan (mother), Oliver Sullivan (father), Evan Walker (romantic interest)
Fandom: The 5th Wave
Other: portrayed by Chloë Grace Moretz
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Cassie is a character in The 5th Wave Trilogy.


Cassie was a student before the 1st Wave. She went to school with Ben Parish. Her mother died in the 3rd Wave and her father died in the 4th Wave. She has a little brother named Sam.


Sam and Cassie were split up when the air force came to collect the kids and Sam left his stuffed animal, Bear. Cassie ran back to get Bear but missed the bus. They are separated for quite a significant amount of time and the relationship is strained. The relationship was never fully restored.


Cassie first met Evan when she was sniped and he nursed her back to health. There was a mutual attraction between the two and he didn't want her to leave to go find her little brother Sam. It was later found out though that he was part of the alien invasion and was a sleeper agent. The relationship has been rather strained since. Evan did redeem himself to some degree by helping to blow up an air force base.






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