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Mailing List
Name: Cascade Times Mailing List
Date(s): December 1998 to the present, though not very active after 2010
Type: Gen
Fandom: The Sentinel
URL: Cascade Times Mailing List, Archived version another archived earlier link
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message history

Cascade Times Mailing List was a very strictly gen Sentinel mailing list, described as “one of the friendliest groups on the Net”.

"This is a discussion and fan fiction list for the UPN television program *The Sentinel*. Topics range from G - R. We prefer nothing graphic or NC-17." [1]

Regarding Comments

CT is a totally GEN list. It is a slash-free zone. What does that mean? It means that slash fic, slash recs, slash URL's, slash zines, slash-oriented discussions, etc. are not welcome on the list.

It does NOT mean that you can't say the word "slash"; it means that slash content is not permitted. This is not due to listmom homophobia or anything stupid like that. It is because many moons ago when Angie started this list, she decided it would be just gen because A) the original list members wanted an environment that was free from graphic material, and B) Angie didn't want to have to worry about imposing an age limit. That was eight years ago, and things haven't changed. [2]


  2. ^ comments on Cascade Times, quoted anonymously (December 6, 2006)