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Name: Carlos
Occupation: Scientist
Location: Night Vale
Status: Alive
Relationships: Cecil Gershwin Palmer (boyfriend)
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Other: Voiced by Jeffrey Cranor untill Dec 2013; Dylan Marron (Dec 2013 onwards)
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Carlos is a character in Welcome to Night Vale. He is a Latino scientist who arrives in Night Vale in the pilot episode of the show.


Carlos/Cecil is the main pairing.

Welcome to Night Vale is unusual among shows with fannish appeal in that a love relationship between two men is canon. Cecil Gershwin Palmer, the Voice of Night Vale, is the lens through which we view the Night Vale universe. In the first episode he states that he has fallen in love with a man named Carlos, a scientist and new arrival in Night Vale.

Some Carlos-centric Fanwork Examples

Carlos and Fans: Some Contentions

Fans have observed that the hordes of delighted fans who emit deafening screams during live performances at any reference to Carlos and his relationship with Cecil amounts to objectifying gay men.[1]


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