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Name: Carlos
Occupation: Scientist
Relationships: Cecil Gershwin Palmer (boyfriend)
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Other: Voiced by Jeffrey Cranor untill Dec 2013; Dylan Marron (Dec 2013 onwards)
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Carlos is a character in Welcome to Night Vale. He is a Latino scientist who arrives in Night Vale in the pilot episode of the show.




Carlos/Cecil is the main pairing.

Welcome to Night Vale is unusual among shows with fannish appeal in that a love relationship between two men is canon. Cecil Gershwin Palmer, the Voice of Night Vale, is the lens through which we view the Night Vale universe. In the first episode he states that he has fallen in love with a man named Carlos, a scientist and new arrival in Night Vale.


Carlos was not intended to be a permanent character but was based on the type of horror-movie scientist who saves the day and then moves on. He is established in the canon as dark-skinned and possessed of Perfect Hair, and usually wears a lab coat. Fanon imaginings often add red Converse sneakers, flannel shirts and Levis to this ensemble. Cecil Baldwin in interviews describes imagining him as a Brazilian male model wearing glasses. Judging by his name he is Hispanic, and while in the first of his few in-show appearances, he was voiced by series co-creator Jeff Cranor, later he was recast as Dylan Marron, as Cranor felt it was a disservice for a straight white man to take the role of a queer POC.[note 1] Otherwise, fan interpretations of Carlos' character and backstory vary widely, from socially awkward young post-doc to full-blown mad scientist; in some fics he is a trans man, bisexual, or asexual. Unlike Cecil, Carlos is primarily portrayed as human in fanworks (with exceptions, naturally! [note 2])

Fanwork Examples


  1. ^ "It sucks that there’s a white straight male (me), playing a gay man of color (Carlos). Look, I know it’s a voiceover, but it’s not just that. We do live stage shows, and that’s a visible role for a PoC. Plus, fans often google the actors who play each character, and what does a Latino/Latina teen think when my face might pop up (or worse, no image pops up) as the actor playing Carlos? What am I doing voicing this major character when there are so many talented, gay, Latino or Hispanic men who can/should be doing it? Why didn’t I think of all of this before ep 16? I don’t know." --Jeffrey Cranor's blog, December 2013
  2. ^ Both Cecil and Carlos are eldritch abominations in fairbreeze's As Mirrors Are Lonely