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Name: caras_galadhon
Alias(es): galadriel
Type: fan writer, fandom community moderator, fandom newsletter editor
Fandoms: Lord of the Rings, Lotrips
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Caras-Galadhon has been active in fandom since about 2001, as a Ringer and otherwise. She writes mainly slash for the Lord of the Rings and Lotrips (Lord of the Rings Real Person Fiction)

Caras Galadhon's livejournal profile says she has "an unhealthy obsession with... er, no, make that I am 'narrowly focussed" on Sean Bean'.

She is one of the co-maintainers/-moderators of the livejournal communities: sons_of_gondor, hobbitfilmfic, leaf_lj, fanac_united, floridamoot and the_barb_wire, bean_media; lotr_sesa, gondorcest, faramir_fics and lotr_fen_moot

She is one of the moderators/editors of Middle Earth News, a newsletter of LOTR and Hobbit-related fan activities, which is published twice a week.