Captain's Logs (Ghost and Mrs. Muir zine)

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See Captain's Log for other zines with the same title.

Title: Captain's Logs
Publisher: MacWombat
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Language: English
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Captain's Logs is a het 76-page anthology with stories by Linda Mooney. The short stories are not related to the first two books Above All Else or Testament.

Stories included are:

  • "Candance Gets a Clue" - Candy finds out about the Captain.
  • "Hearts and Souls" - Captain Gregg finally confronts the spirit of Carolyn's dead husband.
  • "Sweet Memory, or A Pain in the Bilge" - When Carolyn has to leave Gull Cottage for a long period of time, the Captain drives everyone else crazy, missing her.
  • "Non-Stop Auction" - Captain Gregg will do just about anything to regain a rare antique he claims originally belonged to him.
  • "The Wish, the Day, and Everything" - In answer to a prayer, Daniel and Carolyn get one day together.