Captain's Log: Supplemental

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Title: Captain's Log: Supplemental
Publisher: out of Nevada/California
Editor(s): Terri Clark and Shawna Camara
Date(s): October 1982
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Captain's Log: Supplemental is a gen Star Trek: TOS 34-page anthology of fiction, art, a con report, and poetry.


From the editorial: "Whew! It's finally finished! You hold in your hands the result of over eight months of hard work, sweat, and many tears. This is our first effort at publishing, and as you can see, we have tried several different styles and designs. We have made every mistake known to man, and even discovered a few! Your comment and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, ans getting CL:S #1 out has not daunted us, and we have already begun work on CS:S #2!"

From the editor: "Please note that one of our mistakes was in not allowing additional space at the sides for binding. The brass fasteners were our concession to this error. These fasteners may be removed, and the fanzine placed into a 3-ring binder."

Also: "This fanzine is fondly dedicated to Mr. DeForrest Kelley."

The second issue of this zine was planned to have a The Wrath of Khan focus. This second issue was not likely published.

A fan from New Zealand wrote this in the zine:
A New Challenge: As we progress further into this new decade, a generation of STAR TREK fans have come of age. A whole new group of young people all over the world have become fascinated by the same phenomenon that fascinated millions of people fifteen years before. And although we - the members of this new generation-are hardly aware of it, we are bound together by a common interest: the recognition of STAR TREK as an unique experience.

We missed out on the original excitement - the actual era of STAR TREK and, to a certain extent, we missed out on the excitement that followed - the big conventions of the seventies. By the time we were becoming aware, the excitement was ebbing and we were left stranded.

But now we have a chance to make as much impact as those before us; we have the chance to keep STAR TREK alive for another decade. We're young, we're enthusiastic, and we're resourceful. We each have skills and can use them to get to know one another -to communicate and share the interest that binds us together.

I sincerely hope we can meet this challenge.


  • art by Nancy Gervais, John McLaughlin, Frank Lubeck
  • Tale of Contents
  • Editor's Log
  • STAR TREK Lives! (a review of The Wrath of Khan) (3)
  • For Your Information (4)
  • If Only I'd Known... by Terri Clark, a Space Con #2 con report, see that page (5)
  • A Tall Ship... article about the USS Enterprise, the Navy ship, by Eric Stillwell (8)
  • A Matter of Choice, fiction by Terri Clark (9)
  • Cupid's Helper, fiction by Nancy Gervais (12)
  • Cultural Log: Poetry by Curry Fenske, Marion McChesney, Terri Clark, Lucy Cribb, Karen Emerson (14)
  • On Stage by Terri Clark, an poetic ode to who wonderful DeForest Kelley is on stage at cons ("The crowd falls silent as he steps to the microphone, and then roars as he begins with a joke. His voice is deep and so smooth, like the velvety surface of a lake in the clear dewy dawn. They hang on to his every word, their faces a clear reflection of his speech.") (22)
  • Khantoon (cartoon) (23)
  • Rubrick's Relentless Riddle, fiction by Terri Clark (24)
  • Funny Bones (25)
  • Destiny, fiction by Terri Clark (26)
  • The Shiner, fiction by Terri Clark (31)