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Name: CapitaineCharisma
Type: Fanartist
Fandoms: Professional Wrestling
URL: DeviantArt
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CapitaineCharisma is a well-known slash fanartist in the Professional Wrestling fandom, who has quite a number of hand-drawn pieces under her belt. She joined DeviantArt on December 11, 2009, and has been active since. She is renowned inside the fandom for drawing themes that are unusual and often focuses on gender presentation. She claims she is:

I'm about as innocent as a Cody Rhodes doing pushups in a cucumber field full of vipers.

which is a reference to one of her favourite ships, Cody Rhodes/Randy Orton, and warns for (as a humorous content guide):

Slash, Drag, General Inappropriateness;
Blood, MPreg, & Big, big boobs... And normal things, too.


Not much is known about what programs and medium CapitaineCharisma uses, though from the illustrations themselves, a large component of them would be line art. As stated before, she is unique in expressing the body of the characters in different ways. An example of her art that displays these characters is the piece called The Boots Stomp Meadows, which is Justin Gabriel/Wade Barret slash. Note the accentuated lips, hips, and breasts in combination below with the usual musculature, which is a trademark of hers.