Can I Kiss You?

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Name: Can I Kiss You?
Date(s): March 2002 or before - 2009
Type: slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: (warning page)
screencap of main page
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Can I Kiss You? was a Harry Potter slash archive for the pairing Harry/Sirius. It had fanfiction, fanart, shipper stuff, links and a guestbook. The site was hosted by GeoCities and disappeared in 2009 from the internet.

Welcome to the improved layout for Can I Kiss You? We’ve changed our color scheme due to some similarities with another Harry/Sirius site. So instead of Red and Gold, you have Purple and Gray(or Silver). This idea can from my wonderful beta Pleiades, who even though she has stopped writing Sirius/Harry fics, still is a shipper. The words in the graphics here and on the index page are from Devon’s “I Want To Kiss You”, I thought the words were appropriate.