Can't Take the Sky

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Name: Can't Take the Sky
Owner/Maintainer: Julie
Dates: July 24, 2003 - present
Type: fansite, formerly a fanlisting
Fandom: Firefly
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Can't Take the Sky is a fansite dedicated to Firefly and was formerly a fanlisting for the series.

About & History

Can't Take the Sky opened on July 24, 2003 as the Fanlistings Network approved Firefly fanlisting. In December 2003 it expanded to include DVD screencaps of each episode and in February 2004 expanded further to include more show info. The fanlisting closed in 2011 (I couldn't keep up with updating it). Check Fanlistings Network for the link to the current fanlisting.

Most fans will recognize the name of the site as a line in the Firefly theme. The layout features River in the episode "Objects In Space."[1]


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