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Title: Calypso
Creator: J. Edwards
Date: before 1992
Format: VCR
Music: "Calypso" by John Denver
Fandom: Star Trek:TOS and Star Trek:TNG

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Calypso is a Star Trek:TOS and Star Trek:TNG VCR fanvid edited by J. Edwards. According to Henry Jenkins the vid is an example of when "the song's origins form a central aspect of its meaning in this new context. J.E. uses John Denver's "Calypso," a song written about the voyages and adventures of Jacques Cousteau, to accompany images of the Enterprise and its crew (under Captains Kirk, Picard, and Pike) venturing into "the final frontier." Star Trek's idealized conception of scientific exploration is well matched to Denver's romantic treatment of the Calypso's missions in the "silent world" beneath the sea; both crews "work in the service of life and the living, in search of answers to questions untold"; both have strange adventures where few (if any) men have gone before. The analogy is strengthened not only by footage of th~e crew helping the whales in Star Trek IV but also by a succession of sea-like creatures drawn from Next Generation episodes, including what look like giant jellyfish swimming among the stars."

Note: Diane Duane's licensed "Star Trek" novel, "The Wounded Sky" (Pocket Books, 1983), includes several scenes in the U.S.S. Enterprise's recreation room, one of which quotes a Star Trek filk song based on John Denver's "Calypso".