Cagnotte Renversée

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Gift Exchange
Name: Cagnotte Renversée, top_cagnotte
Date(s): August-December
Runs: defunct
Moderator(s): postingwhore, reposoir
Founder: postingwhore
Type: Reverse ficathon/artathon
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
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Cagnotte Renversée was a holiday exchange centered around Prince of Tennis. It ran in 2005 and again in 2010. The theme was spun off from reversathon, with recipients choosing a gift-giver before making a request. Participants were required to be 13 or older, with an 18+ limit on anyone requesting or giving adult content. There were 101 entries and 811 comments posted to the LiveJournal community between 2005 and 2011.


Welcome to Cagnotte Renversée, the TeniPuri version of reversathon, cya_ficathon, and naruto_rabu!

What's this nonsense, you ask?

It’s a reverse ficathon/artathon, also known as a choose your own author/artist ficathon/artathon: you choose your author/artist based on what they enjoy writing, and then make a request based on that instead of making a request and being matched up with an author/artist. So you might just get the fic you've been wanting to read since you entered fandom…