CLAMP Icontest

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Journal Community
Name: CLAMP Icontest, clamp_icontest
Date(s): 2004-2014
Moderator: wildmusings
Founder: wildmusings
Type: Icontest
Fandom: CLAMP

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CLAMP Icontest was a LiveJournal community for CLAMP-themed icontests. There were 2,247 entries and 20,541 comments posted to the community between 2004 and 2014. It ran for 431 weeks.



Every other week you will be given specifications to make a set of 4-6 icons based around a general theme.


Each week you will be given three themes from which to choose to work with: a general (conceptual or technical), visual (image, stock photo/vector, texture/brush etc.) and textual (lyrics, poetry, quote, etc.) based one. This is for the sake of variety, you can repeat, alternate or combine themes as you wish as long as your icon(s) fit at least one of the challenges provided. Please suggest theme ideas for future challenges at this post.

The submission post goes up Friday night/Saturday morning, prior to the voting post. This is to ensure members have a longer time period to submit. You will have from then until the next (or after next) Friday at 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) to submit your entry to the designated screened post only.