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Pairing: CJ Cregg/Simon Donovan
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: het
Fandom: West Wing
Canonical?: yes
Prevalence: popular
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CJ/Simon is one of the more popular canon het pairings in the West Wing fandom


Simon and CJ met when he was assigned to her protective detail after she began receiving threats from a stalker. Although originally resentful of the inconvenience his presence caused her, CJ eventually warmed up to Simon and they developed a mutual attraction and flirtation. Near the end of Season 3 they kissed and seemed on the brink of starting a relationship, but Simon was killed before it could begin.


Fans were upset that Simon was killed off before he and CJ could begin their relationship, and thus many Simon/CJ fics are fix-its or AUs where he survives. However, some fans wholeheartedly embraced the angst angle of Simon's death, so there are a fair amount of death fics to be found as well.

Six Degrees Influences

Sometimes, Simon Donovan is written as an undercover persona of Jethro Gibbs, due to Same-Actor Crossover.

Example Fanworks


  • Let's Play Our Game by Kitsune_Moonstar: CJ has some fun with press corps. After all, it's not everyday a girl announces to the international press she's engaged.
  • love is not a victory march by epigraphs: On a bench in Times Square, surrounded by lights and sounds and sights and people, she lets herself fall apart.
  • False Lullaby by J9: CJ thinks about Simon.


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