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You may be looking for the fiction zine CI5 Files Re-Opened.

Title: CI5 Files
Publisher: CI5 Past/Present, a fan club out of England
Editor(s): Heather Hillsden & Sue Salter
Date(s): 2000
Frequency: four times a year
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals & The New Professionals
Language: English
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club flyer

CI5 Files is the newsletter for a Professionals fan club in England. It was published four times a year.

Both the fan club and the newsletter were in print, rather than on the Internet as "...whilst the information Super Highway is the perfect place for gathering and distributing data, we want to cater for all fans, including those who don't have access to the world wide web." -- from the club flyer.

Each issue contains:

  • Through The Grapevine - This will provide news about both shows, and the actors who appear in them.
  • Data File - A profile on one of the actors featured in either series.
  • Case History - A side-by-side synopsis of an original and new episode.
  • Incoming - A section for the fans to share their views and comments about both shows.
  • On The Spot - A review of filming locations, and interviews with the actors, as we get them.