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Fan Club
Name: CI5 Past/Present
Dates: March 2000-?
Founder(s): Heather Hillsden & Sue Salter
Leadership: Heather Hillsden & Sue Salter
Country based in: England
Focus: The Professionals & The New Professionals
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CI5 Past/Present was a Professionals fan club based in England.

From the flyer: "This is a club for those o f you who remember The Professionals, or have just discovered CI5 - The New Professionals. We aim to provide views, news, and interviews covering all aspects of both shows, as well as giving fans a forum to have their say, and exchange ideas. This will not be an Internet based fan club; whilst the information Super Highway is the perfect place for gathering and distributing data, we want to cater for all fans, including those who don't have access to the world wide web. Four issues of CI Files, the fan club' s newsletter, will be printed per year, and we intend to include a number of articles which will be exclusive to the club."