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CHarc (also: "CHArc") is an X-Files term meaning the "Clothes Hair Arc." While this usually refers to discussion about Scully's clothes and/or hair, it could be about any character.

There is much talk and essays about CHarc in News for the OBSSEsed.

Examples of Use

  • "Everyone talks about the Mytharc, but what about the CHarc (Clothing and Hair Arc)? How did Season 7 advance the CHarc? What are the implications of the CHarc for story development in Season 8. Will Scully solve her unbuttoned shirt problem? Don't lose any sleep; Pteropod brings us The CHarc-ists Guide to Season 8. Check it out." [1]
  • "CHArc: Scully needs to ditch the purse." [2]
  • "Brother WetLegKick has made ANOTHER webage! Put your Season One CHarc knowledge to the test by trying out this quiz..." [3]


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