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Name: C.J. Lorrane (a pseud for a fan: S T)
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Starsky & Hutch
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C.J. Lorrane was a pseud for a Starsky & Hutch fan writer in the 1980s.

This fan hosted several fan gatherings, wrote fiction, and contributed to the APA Tell Me Something I Don't Know! where she dedicated her comments "to the premise that what women think is erotic is best described by and for women, ourselves."

One of her fiction credits is as the co-author of After the Ping Pong Ball Bounced.

NOTE: While there is a lot of fiction on Starsky & Hutch Archive and Starsky & Hutch Archive attributed to "C.J. Lorane," this is an error. That fiction was written by Tabby Davis.

Comments About Power, Pseuds, and Women's Writing

In July 1987, C.J. Lorrane said:
Speaking of dreaming, I use the pseudoname of C.J. Lorrane when I create. I chose it myself. There is something magical about naming myself. Something positive and powerful. I think of C.J. as a special part of me, some part that does daring things: she dreams. I have a hard time relating to sort of negative comments about pseudonames; in particular the comments from Della Van Hise about the PocketBook blacklist of any fan authors being published if they ever were known to be associated with "/" writings. Personally, I think that the "Power Structure" is scared silly of us women taking our pleasure into our own hands, so to speak, so they are seizing any excuse to avoid publishing us. Of course, at this time, I do not plan to pay the mortgage with my writing, so it is very easy for me to say the hell with Pocketbook's blacklisting practices. I respect other women's concerns about their career, but council them to assume whatever credentials will be "publishable" but not to join in the publishing companies' "bashing" of feminist erotic literature. ("I'm not a libber, but I believe in equal pay"). [1]

A Sequel to "After the Ping Pong Ball Bounced"

In July 1987, C.J. Lorrane said:

I'm going to share one of C.J.'s draft stories with you. It is a sequel of sorts to "After the Ping Pong Ball Bounced" which was printed in Hanky Panky. That story was a combined effort with two other women, and set in Alexis Roger's "Cost of Love" universe. (I wanted to "get Nathan" and Alexis obliged!) This story, while it follows Ping Pong in time, is not in the Cost universe. It is dedicated to the many librarians amoung us, whom I innocently made furious by the reference to throwing books away. My apologies. [2]


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