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Mailing List
Name: C.A.B.B. Connections (became "Kaylas Caverns")
Date(s): November 2001-present
Moderators/List Maintainers: Kayla Rigney
Founder(s): Kayla Rigney
Type: discussions, fan fiction
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
URL: C.A.B.B. Connections (old group), Archived version
Kaylas Caverns (current group), Archived version
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C.A.B.B. Connections was one of a handful of Beauty and the Beast mailing lists set up on Yahoo groups. It changed its name to "Kaylas Caverns" in June 2002 in response to a fandom dispute regarding a list member's actions offlist. See The Kiss That Does Not Exist.

As of November 2013, it has 200+ members and has grown largely inactive with the bulk of activity ending in 2008.

Unlike some BatB mailing lists, C.A.B.B. Connections embraced all seasons of Beauty and the Beast. From the mailing list info page:
"The Information Pipeline for Fans of TV's Beauty and the Beast. A tunnelishe place to meet, network and Keep the Dream Alive. "Kinda Classic." 3S and All Season fans welcome. Our Hearts Minds Are Always Open. We Live For Fanfic! Home of BATB Challenges Q's. No graphic content, please."

The Name Change

The name change for the mailing list was the result of a fan taking a photo of footage of the two main characters from Beauty and the Beast kissing. The video was shown at the 2000 Beauty and the Beast convention on a restricted basis. And although the circumstances and ownership of the video was never discussed or clarified, many fans believed that the footage had been leaked to them by someone with access to the show's production. The video is known throughout the fandom as "The Kiss" or "The Kiss That Does Not Exist" and it is popular among BatB fandom because on the aired version of the show, Vincent and Catherine never kissed. The video is often used to raise money for charity. After learning that a still of the video had been taken (though never shared), members of CABB approached the C.A.B.B. Connections mailing List Owner. Depending upon the version of events, they either (a) demanded that the mailing list moderator ban the photographer from the mailing list or (b) remove the fan as a co-moderator from the mailing list.Or both. If she didn't, the owners of CABB demanded that name "CABB" be removed.

The List Owner, Kayla Rigney, took a stand and said she did not have the *right* to remove a list member for conduct that took place offlist. Rigney agreed to rename the mailing list immediately, a relatively simple procedure on Yahoo groups. She also restricted moderator access to the new mailing list. It was never clear who, if anyone, was removed as moderator.

At this point the stories diverge further: some CABB members felt that the list owner should not have renamed the mailing list without "CABB's permission" - which she had - and that the CABB fan group owned the mailing list. They treated Kayla's Caverns as a "new" mailing list with a stolen subscription list. However, the Kayla's Caverns remained the same list. Kayla Rigney remained List Owner, the membership list was still the same, as was the content. All that changed was the name, which had been changed at CABB's request. Tempers flared and the list moderator was falsely accused of having taken the photo itself. (She did not take the photo; she was not at the convention). A few members demanded that the List Owner be banned from BBTV (another mailing list). In the end, Kayla's Caverns continued to exist and CABB founded their own mailing list (Tunnels Tales, Etc.) which folded a few years later.

As of 2013, BBTV remains the main active mailing list for the fan community.

The Kiss That Does Not Exist continued to be shown at fan conventions. [1]

Plural Point Of View

Other fans have different interpretations of events and are welcome to add additional facts and recollections to this page.


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