By Way Of Sorrow

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Title: By Way Of Sorrow
Creator: Clucking Belles: Sandy Herrold
Date: 2002
Format: VCR era
Music: "By Way Of Sorrow" by Cry Cry Cry
Fandom: Stargate SG1
URL: streaming and download at AO3

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By Way of Sorrow is a VCR-era fanvid by Sandy Herrold of the Clucking Belles. It premiered at the 2002 Escapade convention and was also shown at the first Vividcon as pat of their Nearly New show.

Vidders notes, as listed on the Vividcon database: "Anna turned me onto this group and this absolutely gorgeous song, and immediately, I thought of Daniel."


In 2002, Shoshanna wrote a review of the vid after seeing it at the Escapade vid show. It is reposted here with permission:

BY WAY OF SORROW (SG) Sandy: I thought this was a beautiful look at Daniel, and I especially loved that his "destiny," his joy and "days of laughter," was his work as well as his relationship with Jack. Like stories that never let the guys get out of bed or stop cooing at each other, endless romantic slash vids can grow tedious, and this treated Daniel as an adult whose work is as important to him as his love life is."