Bughead Author Spotlight: aisforr

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Bughead Author Spotlight: aisforr
Interviewer: bughead-fic-request
Interviewee: aisforr
Date(s): November 2017
Medium: Online
Fandom(s): Riverdale
External Links: Interview; archive.is
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aisforr was interviewed in 2017 by bughead-fic-request. The interview is part of the Bughead Author Spotlight series.


17. How do you come up with the ideas for you fic(s)? Do you people watch? Listen to music? Get inspired by TV/movies?

The short piece I did called “You Were Supposed To Be Different” was based on a scene from Grey’s Anatomy. But generally, I use personal experience to shape my fics e.g. my time at University. Then just a lot of brainstorming, thinking what was good about that time, what was bad, what was funny and see how I can work that into a story. I like writing in a setting that I’m familiar with, hence why all my writing tends to be based in the UK. I often think of phrases while taking a shower or doing housework and I’ll just put it into a word document for when I come to writing the bulk of the chapter. I get the best ideas whilst doing mundane tasks.

28. Do you have an advice for writers that want to get into this fandom but might be scared?

Don’t hesitate, just post little fic you’ve got saved on your laptop. You never know what will happen until you do. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t put pressure on yourself, at the end of the day it’s for fun and enjoyment.

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