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Name: brotherhoot
Date(s): March 28 2013 - early 2018

images mostly


Assassin's Creed




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Brotherhoot is a well-known tumblr that posted humorous image edits, videos, and gifs for the Assassin's Creed fandom.

Sometime in March 2017 the tumblr was deleted without explanation.[1] Brotherhoot's deviantART account, YouTube channel, and were also deleted around the same time.[2]

In May 2017 the tumblr brotherhoot-collection was started to compile reblogs of brotherhoot's content.

On December 23 2017, the blog resumed operating, to much happiness from Tumblr AC fans. However it was deleted again in early 2018.[3]


Maybe the person behind it was getting tired or was too busy to continue, but if you’re still out there Brotherhoot person, your blog was the funniest thing that ever hit the AC fandom and I loved the stuff you made 💜 Also I hope all is well.[4]
Because brotherhoot reblogged my post about how I’ve lost followers because of naked assassins in towels, I’ve gained back my followers thank you brotherhoot for naked assassins in towels[5]
AC fandom blogs come and go but brotherhoot, madeinmasyaf and assassinscreedconfessions are forever.[6]


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