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The Professionals Fanfiction
Title: Breakdown
Author(s): Lozalang
Date(s): May 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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Breakdown is a Professionals slash story by Lozalang. It is one of the writer's earliest Pros stories.


Author's summary: "Things go wrong on a routine op and there's nothing to do but sit around, waiting for God."

Reactions and Reviews

"Oh very nice, I felt every moment of this, every inch of skin and every breath they took! Loved that edge-of-the-moment feel, too, and that they end up laughing, even after that first shuddering moment. Very them. I shall just hope you write more Pros now as well! Thank you!"[1]
"This is nice and delicate, and the emotions and actions are small yet significant; totally excellent in comparison to the high drama which is going on around them, this utter life or death scenario they imagine themselves to be trapped in. And you get so many little touches right; like Bodie's bluffness disguising the fact that he cares, maybe too much, and Doyle's burden of guilt and fear, showing the world that he definitely cares too much. It feels adult and complicated, and you don't attempt to make explanations for everything. It's just enough and it works. I love it." [2]
"Your dialogue is great, the tension is ratchetted up inch by tortuously exquisite inch, and Doyle's inner narrative had me at 'Hello' (or 'royally fucked up' actually!). So many nice details - I love the forehead press in the dark, Doyle's worry and how he expresses it, and Bodie's "I know" is just so... Bodie.[3]
"Breakdown isn't cheerful. There's Bodie making his lonely attempt of joking but that's it. It has some sort of blues to it. It's more the character of Bodie where I recognise it. Not that classic conservative Bodie you often get and as he appears in the series. I do like a conservative Bodie because I like it as he has to make more effort to feel comfortable in the relationship. He can be a bit slow like in rebelcat's mayday fic "Mayday Run" often a step behind Ray's fast and impatient acting. (Seems to me that the actors Martin Shaw and Lewis Collins are a bit like that themselves too, and therefore established these character attributes.) Your characters are somewhat confused, (I wouldn't say hysterical atleast not more than would be normal in their near death situation) but they are free of this conservative character (At least it's not visible in this piece of fiction) maybe because you as a person don't feel it....

With your fic being a snapshot, there are snap shot fictions in Pros fandom. One even more extreme than your's I know is "Out of the blue" by Rob, (Circuit archive) probably interesting for you to read if you don't know it. I love it but I was so upset after reading it, I just thought: "Bodie, BODIE!!! 3.7 get you gun and your beauty case and move your ass down there, AT ONCE!!! Still almost a psychological emergency, that I need a sequel to that fic.

Myself I do like this flash slash culture it's clever bringing lots of people into writing as it's not that much time needed to finish a fic. I also enjoy reading fics of epic length- fan fics the size of a paper back, yay!"[4]
"So many things to enjoy: I loved the way Lozalang managed to include a host of emotions to good effect in a very short space: fear, blind panic, relief-inspired-anger, humour and love. I loved the use of the present tense here, making me feel almost as though we (me, Bodie and Doyle) were in real time, as though I was there in the room with them - not quite a part of the story - but there watching what was happening to them - a voyeur in the nicest possible meaning of the word - and this made it feel very real, achieving almost a 3D effect in the process."[5]
"The atmosphere really comes across, you feel every moment with them. I *love* Doyle's concern and fear for Bodie, and his care as he takes off Bodie's gag. The characterisations and dialogue are great, and the ending is gorgeous![6]


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