Brake for Love

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Title: Brake for Love
Publisher: sponsored by the LexSlash egroup
Editor(s): Theresa
Medium: ezine
Genre: slash
Fandom: Smallville
Language: English
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Brake for Love is a slash Smallville ezine sponsored by the LexSlash egroup. It has the subtitle, "Spring Break."

"The following is a detail of the stories contained in Brake for Love I: Spring Break. After you read the zine, please come back here to send the authors feedback. The zine is called "Brake for Love: Spring Break". There are 5 stories in the zine, approximately 90 pages. There's also a plethora of artwork by Eisa scattered about. The summaries are as follows:"

Only Human by Jade

  • Summary: Feeling guilty and confused, Clark leaves Smallville after choosing to save Lex instead of Chloe.

Run by Dayspring

  • Summary: On Clark’s last day of classes before Spring Break, there is an attempt on Lex’s life—and the attempts keep coming. Clark and Lex go on the run, hoping to keep Lex alive long enough to find out who’s trying to kill him.

Snowmelt by Amy

  • Summary: Lex prepares a special surprise to cheer up a depressed Clark.

Swimming Lessons by Midknight

  • Summary: Clark is depressed after winning the game I Never.

Cabin Fever by PepperjackCandy

  • Summary: A long weekend away after high school graduation doesn’t go exactly as planned.