Boy Meets Girl, Girl Cures Cancer

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Title: Boy Meets Girl, Girl Cures Cancer
Author(s): Smitty
Date(s): February 2007
Genre: het
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Boy Meets Girl, Girl Cures Cancer is a Stargate Atlantis Rodney McKay/Katie Brown story by Smitty.

Reactions and Reviews

Why this must be read: There's something wonderfully endearing about Rodney and Katie's relationship, particularly in Sunday, and Smitty captures that quality perfectly in this short fic. Their fumbling courtship could so easily turn uncomfortable to watch, but Smitty handles it deftly, never crossing the line from endearingly awkward to just plain embarrassing. Jumping off from one throwaway line in canon, Smitty sketches out a complex and believable backstory for Katie. I love stories that take a supporting character like Katie who we know hardly anything about and really bring them to life. Smitty does that here, turning Katie into a fully fleshed out character who is more than just Rodney's love interest. I'd never really had an opinion on Katie one way or the other before, but this story made me go back and take a second look, made me care about her more in canon from having come to care about her more here.[1]


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