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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Boundaries
Author(s): Jane Davitt
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Boundaries is a Jim/Blair story by Jane Davitt.

Author Comments

"This fic was a written for charity one and a reconciliation following separation was one of the requests but it did turn out to be a fic that focused more on the latter than the former, though they get there in the end :-)

It was hard for me to write at times, but exploring the way they'd cope apart -- or not -- and the reasons why it would happen, was something I really enjoyed the chance to do." [1]

Reactions and Reviews

It starts out with an ancient desire, one to walk the perimeter of the city and know the boundaries. And before you know it, way more than that has happened. I can’t say this story is a totally happy one. It’s got a whole lot of pain, misunderstandings and lost time---sometimes overfilling my usual cuppa, but "Boundaries" is beautifully written and stuck with me long after I finished it.

"There aren't enough words in the language to describe how I'm feeling right now," Blair said calmly, from the emptiness that had hollowed him out. "How much I want to --"

"Hurt me?" Jim shook his head. " No need, Blair. All taken care of. I did it for you."

And it was that simple in the end. A few minute's conversation and a few words and he knew why Jim had turned his back and stayed that way.

"Seven years. Seven fucking years --" His voice rose from a whisper to a tortured, anguished scream that ripped at his throat, on his feet by the time he'd finished, instinct taking him there to the higher ground, his body responding to the thick, heady musk of lust and violence swirling around him.

He wanted Jim's blood on his knuckles, wanted to rip and punch and tear at the man who'd done this to him -- to them both. Wanted it enough that he was sick with it. He was breathing in hoarse, ragged gasps, his heart pounding, his body shaken with fury.

And Jim sat there, his hands loosely clasped on his bent up knees, his head lowered, the bare, cool nape of his nape exposed.

It was as close as Jim would ever get to showing his belly in supplication to a predator and it sliced Blair's anger away from him cleanly and left only the vast sorrow at the waste.” [2]
Achingly sad but beautiful. Blair and Jim can't seem to figure out what they really want. The story moves flawlessly between several time periods in their relationship and you wonder if they can ever make it together.[3]


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