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Fan Song
Song Title: bottom line
Composer: Lilli Furfaro
Lyrics: Lilli Furfaro
Melody: original
Date: 8 Aug, 2020
Fandom: Critical Role
External Links: Youtube video

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bottom line is a fansong by Lilli Furfaro decicated to the character of Beauregard Lionett from campaign 2 of Critical Role. It was released on YouTube on 8 August 2020. As of 3 October 2020 the video has 64,842 views, 4.3k likes, and 327 comments.

Fandom Reactions

I was waiting for “pop pop” to show up in the song. Then I realized that the entire tempo of the song is “pop pop”! Masterful. My favorite line: “I’d rather lose myself than ever lose ‘Em”. All I can think of is Beau offering the hag...basically everything. Even though it’s an upbeat song, that part gave me chills![1]

2 things:

First off- the tone and melody of the song have such Beau energy and that's amazing

2nd- I absolutely loved how this song encapsulated her growth perfectly[2]
These lyrics are quite complex - they encompass Beau's full arc so delicately, but with a song style, delivery, and word chose that is so BOP BOP. I mean really, just incredibly difficult and yet flawless After Eyes Warm Eyes Wide I was sort of expecting a similar song but with different lyrics. Ha! So far each song is completely different.[3]

I would no-joke pitch in for recording studio fees. I love these songs the way they are, but your talent deserves the best recording possible, also I want an album. Patreon? I would become a member in a heartbeat.[4]
Why is no one talking about " 'cause if actions speak louder than words/bottom line/ they sent me away" ?!! You're skill for finding the right words that fit musically but still tell a story in a beautiful way is astounding. Each and every song does this wonderfully.[5]

I like that the only "bottom line" that rhymes is the last one

when beau was "young" (she's still young, but you know what I mean) and reckless she didn't care to rhyme, she was honest and rather cold, she was about the action, she didn't want to think to just make things prettier. but in the end was her learning to be patient, learning to think rather than act blindly, learning to be nice to her friends and be positive for their sake (and her sake)

that's what I felt, anyways another magnificent song! congratulations! :)[6]


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