Borrowed Time

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Title: Borrowed Time
Publisher: out of England
Date(s): 1985-1987
Medium: print
Size: A5, reduced print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Borrowed Time is a gen Blake's 7 fiction anthology that comprise a post-Gauda Prime fifth season in which Avon becomes influenced by the creature on Xenon.

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They are all by Helen Pitt.

This zine was advertised in Hypertension #4.

Reactions and Reviews

BORROWED TIME by Helen Pitt - The lack of comment on Borrowed Time since N/L 16 caused me to write this review, because I regard it as very worthy of a mention. Also, this fifth series is now complete, available in five parts. I don't want to harp on about production, which is quite adequate but not spectacular, but I would like to say that of all the PGP material that I have read, BT strikes me as the one with the most potential for actually being realised as a televised series. It seems to capture the spirit and essence of B7 and competently develop it.

Plotwise, BT improves greatly after a rather bland start, with good characterisation and continuity, a few cliff-hangers and some nasty shocks during its course. Not only does Borrowed Time give itself credence after GP, but as the title suggests, the finale is quite, well... final. Whilst tying up some loose ends, this is far from being a rosy, cosy fairytale continuation, and it wins points for that. B7 was never a fairytale; never that straightforward. My only major doubt about BT is the eleventh episode, 'Epilogue', which seems rather disjointed from the others. However, I think this is mainly due to the fact that I read the story previously in Horizon 5 and found it difficult to re-read in a different context.

In the absence of a 'real' fifth series, I have adopted Borrowed Time, for whilst continuations such as Program and Ghost by Judith Seaman describe the adventures of familiar characters, they are vitally different from B7 as I see it. Program, enjoyable though it is, concerns a series better re-named "Avon's Clones." To me, however, reading Borrowed Time was like finding a long-lost friend. [1]

Issue 1

Borrowed Time 1 contains "the first three episodes" and is 100 pages long. It was published in 1985.

Issue 2

Borrowed Time 2 contains "three more episodes" and is 99 pages long.

Issue 3

Borrowed Time 3 contains 98 pages.

Issue 4

Borrowed Time 3 contains 107 pages.

Issue 5

Borrowed Time 5 was published in 1987 and contains 108 pages.


  1. ^ from Horizon Newsletter #21 (December 1988)