Bonds (Sentinel story)

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Title: Bonds
Author(s): qwertyuiop
Date(s): 4 September 2000
Length: 2971 words
Genre(s): slash
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
Relationship(s): Jim/Blair
External Links: Bonds on AO3, alternate link here

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Bonds is a Sentinel story by qwertyuiop.

Reactions and Reviews

Hot off the presses! Well, as of today. Which by the time you read this will be some other day. It's 2:00 a.m. here, in case you couldn't tell. I'm sitting here at my computer but my brain is over there on the bed, sleeping, curled up like a little cat...a pink, hairless cat. It's sort of horrible, really.....

Why you should read this: It reads sort of like Mallory Klohn on decaf. Which possibly sounds snarky, but isn't meant to be. There's some lovely turns of phrase here, and cuteness. I like cuteness now and then, this being now and then. I like decaf too. (Caffeine-free six weeks and counting, thank you!)

What might throw you off stride: It's not really a story. It sort of revs up, bumps merrily along, then stalls and rolls to a slow, unexpected stop as if the author ran out of gas. But there's a lot of (prepare for icky word) potential here. I'll happily dive into any more stories I see by this author.[1]


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