Bona Fides

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Title: Bona Fides
Author(s): Anna S
Date(s): June 2005
Length: 11 Parts (WIP) - 33,631 words
Fandom: Alias
External Links: Bona Fides, part 1 (Alias, J/V )

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'The Bona Fides', though, was perfect. The mission premise is just wacky, and Jack and Vaughn are just so perfectly in character that I was laughing so very hard in places -- the vicious bitchiness of both of them to begin with was wonderful, melting into a genuine regard.

- eriena

Anna had a poll asking readers if they wanted her to post in parts or to wait until it was finished. In the intro to Bona Fides, she writes:

So I thought about what I wanted to do writing-wise, and based on polling. I actually do feel twinges of guilt putting something out in pieces when a significant nubmer of readers want, deep down, to wait and read something finished. Except that some of you want to read stuff now. And some of you seem to want both these things simultaneously, to read and not-read. You're just logic problems.

Anna also posted a different poll asking What type of laughably cliched J/V story should I write next?

I am still just playing and scribbling, because thoughts on a longer more ambitious writing project haven't cohered. I'm just letting those thoughts drift around. After watching the last several episodes of S4, I immediately felt the urge to take all the amazing characters and give them a thorough, dignified, serious treatment that respects all their depths and facets and canonical interrelationships. And then I blocked that from my mind and wrote porn.


Part 1, "Bona Fides, part 1 (Alias, J/V )" (07 June 2005). Word count: 4,921
Part 2, "Bona Fides, part 2 (Alias, J/V)" (09 June 2005). Word count: 2,986
Part 3, "Bona Fides, part 3 (Alias, J/V)" (09 June 2005). Word count: 2,589
Part 4, "Bona Fides, part 4 (Alias, J/V)" (10 June 2005). Word count: 2,922
Part 5, "Bona Fides, part 5 (Alias, J/V)" (10 June 2005). Word count: 2,404
Part 6, "Bona Fides, part 6 (Alias, J/V)" (09 June 2005). Word count: 2,851
Part 7, "Bona Fides, part 7 (Alias, J/V)" (09 June 2005). Word count: 2,859
Part 8, "Bona Fides, part 8 (Alias, J/V)" (09 June 2005). Word count: 2,251
Part 9, "Bona Fides, part 9 (Alias, J/V)" (09 June 2005). Word count: 3,683
Part 10, "Bona Fides, Part 10 (Alias, J/V)" (20 June 2005). Word count: 3,442
Part 11, "Bona Fides, Part 11 (Alias, J/V)" (21 June 2005). Word count: 2,723

The fic is incomplete. Anna stopped posting new parts to Bona Fides with Part 11.