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Pairing: Bombur/His Wife
Alternative name(s):
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Hobbit
Canonical?: Yes, movies only
Prevalence: Rare[1]
Other: Implied canonical in the movie but not the book
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Bombur/His Wife is a semi-canonical ship from The Hobbit movieverse. In the extra material surrounding the movie, Bombur has 14 children.[2] Movie materials don't name the mother of his children, and fandom has not given her a common fanon name yet. This ship is almost always a very minor background to other works, but sometimes one or more of Bombur's children play a significant role in a work.[3]

Depictions in Fanworks

Sometimes Bombur's large family is treated as a source of humor:

‘Are ye knocked up again?!’ Bofur’s eyes bulged out of his head as he gave a significant glance to the brood of dwarflings surrounding the wedded couple.

‘He means “Congratulations”.’ Bilbo said as he raised his cup in a mute salute to the obvious love between the two, between Bombur and…

Actually, Bilbo still hadn’t gotten her name. The cook had only referred to his wife as ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’, and something in Khuzdul which sounded like a curse, but it was said while kissing her cheek for the umpteenth time that evening.

Bombur caressed his wife’s hand as he said, ‘Yes, we’re very happy.’ He didn’t seem to be able to stop himself smiling, his round cheeks bulging even more than usual.[4]

This quote also lampshades the lack of canon or standard fanon name for Bombur's wife.

Other times, the issues of trying to support such a large family are treated seriously:

Eight children are a blessing to a dwarven family, but Father and Mother were not well off, and the apprenticeship fees for her older brothers had not been kind to the family finances.[5]

Bombur and his wife are generally depicted as being very much in love, even though he doesn't talk about her as much as Glóin does. The few works that focus on this relationship generally describe how they met and fell in love or focus on their children. Bofur and Bifur are generally very supportive of Bombur's relationship and help care for the children, if the children are portrayed in the work.

In some fanworks, some of Bombur's 14 children are adopted.[6] In these cases, they're not always all dwarves.

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