Boat, Bourbon, Basement

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Title: Boat, Bourbon, Basement
Publisher: Carriage Hill Press, Ancient's Gate
Editor(s): Annie & Jmas
Date(s): 2009-2011
Medium: print, CD, downloadable PDF
Fandom: NCIS
Language: English
External Links: flyer for issue #1 here; flyer for issue #2
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cover of issue #1, by Eilidh17

Boat, Bourbon, Basement is a slash NCIS anthology.

Issue 1

Boat, Bourbon, Basement 1 was published in 2009 and contains 136 pages. Cover and illustrative art by Eilidh17, layout by JayEm. Title art for all except Secrets: Zabby. Title art for Secrets: Lyn.

Summaries below from the publisher:

  • There Is A Season by Starbucks Sue - (Tim gets the chance to see Gibbs and Tony in a new light.)
  • Secrets by Lyn - (It's Valentine's Day and Tony has a secret admirer.)
  • Need by Tejas - (Sometimes they need and needs must be met.)
  • Superstud by Taylor Gibbs - (Who is that man in spandex and why can't Tony keep his hands off him?)
  • Bottled by Taylor Gibbs - (A green-eyed stranger appears out of nowhere, changing Gibbs' life.)
  • No Sacrifice by Annie - (In the aftermath of saving Gibbs and Maddie from drowning, Tony realizes there is no sacrifice too great for the man he's fallen in love with.)
  • Going Back To The Start by Starbucks Sue - (Sometimes you just need to start over.)
  • After the Storm by Annie - (After a year away, Tony returns a changed man with a small bundle in tow. (novella))

Issue 2

Boats, Bourbon, Basement 2 was published in 2011 and contains 163 pages, 67911 words. All stories are Gibbs/DiNozzo except Secrets (DiNozzo/McGee) ratings from PG to NC17. The cover is by JayEm. Story art by Annie, Lyn, Rose Malmaison, Cheryl, and JayEm.

cover of issue #2, JayEm
  • Perfecto by Devra - So what was the real story behind Tony's missing cell phone and Gibbs' glasses? Post Baltimore.
  • Secrets by Annie & Lyn - Tony's got a secret. Tony/Tim
  • Hell of a Thing by JayEm - Gibbs notices Tony's eyes.
  • Sleepless, but Not in Seattle by Lyn - Tony's been distracted
  • Slippery When Wet by Devra - Tony was able to do a lot of things in the dark. Sleep. Have sex. Jerk off. Answer the telephone. Shut off a ringing alarm.
  • Falling Down by Rose Malmaison - After Tony is hurt in an undercover op, Gibbs makes it his personal business to take care of his agent. Tony discovers he's attracted to his boss and invites him to spend a weekend away with him. Novella Length.
  • TKO by Marzipan77 - Amanda Reed had opened a crack in Tony's armor, armor that Tony had worn since a young man lost his first love to a horrible disease and lost his trust and loyalty to corrupt, homophobic men who claimed to be his partners. And, blow after blow, some more of the playboy, the shallow, happy idiot falls away and the depth of his longing is revealed. And leaves him open, once again, to hurt, to desire, and, maybe, to love. The story takes place in Season One, directly following "Missing," and continuing through an alternate "Split Decision." Novella Length.