Blue Moon Awards

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Name: Blue Moon Awards
Date(s): 2011
Frequency: Once
Type: Awards for the cast and crew of the television series
Associated Community:
Fandom: Fringe
URL: morethanoneofeverything
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Photo of awards sent to the cast and crew

In 2011 the fans of the television series Fringe, fearing it would never be professionally recognized, created awards to give to the cast and crew of the series, as explained in the announcement post:

We, the fans of Fringe, who’ve watched, tweeted, worried and campaigned for our show, are now going to take it one step further. We’re making our own awards, dubbed the “Blue Moon Awards” (because it’ll be a blue moon before the Academy stops running a popularity contest and starts actually recognizing talent and great work) and we’re sending them to the cast. ALL of the cast. Because Fringe is an ensemble show, and every actor on it adds to it’s texture and uniqueness, and we love every one of them. So if you’re here, and you’re a Fringe fan, we’re asking for your help. We’re seeking to raise $500-$600 for the purpose of buying, engraving, and shipping our own awards to the season four production studio in Vancouver. [1]

The fandom raised $845.56 towards the project, total expenses were $821.81, the remainder of the money was donated to charity.

Response from actress Jasika Nicole:

ain’t no fandom like a fringe show fandom…
cause the fringe show fandom DON’T STOP!
So these incredible fans got together to send the cast and crew mock awards (called Blue Moon awards, since they think it will be a blue moon before the show ever gets nominated) to show their support and love for the work we at Fringe have done for the past 3+ years. But then, with the money they had left over, they decided to make a donation to Autism Speaks, on behalf of Alt!Astrid and, by association, my sister Sedric, who has been the largest source of inspiration behind my portrayal of the character.
I am so thankful for the love and the appreciation, and so honored to be a part of what has created the Fringe fandom in the first place. I am not a lead character in this show. I do not get very much screen time, and I have no idea if and when that will ever change. But clearly, you guys still see me, and through me you also see a community of people that can seriously benefit from your support and attention and exposure.
This all feels incredibly personal. Thank you so SO much, from my family at home, and my family at work!
Jasika Nicole [2]


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