Blue Alert

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Name: Blue Alert
Type: Fic Contest
Associated Community:
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: Archive from 2004
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List entered stories and winners

Blue Alert was a fic contest for NC17-rated fics of Star Trek: Voyager. It ran for at least 6 iterations.

The Bitches At Blue Alert (the BABAs) will be running the sixth Blue Alert Contest. Is it that many? Well, we do like our smut. Like the previous contests, there will be three categories.

- Existing Story Category (J/C stories only) for those timeless pieces of smut that never die.
- New Story Category (J/C stories only) for previously unposted, brand new stories.
- Other Pairings - any Trek pairing exceept J/C is allowed. This includes slash and multiple partner stories.