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A blooper is a mistake in filming, such as misspoken words, set mishaps, wardrobe malfunctions, and continuity errors by actors and production staff.

Many fans find enjoyment in locating, and discussing, the bloopers and other small errors in shows, and a common term for this activity is nitpicking.

These mistakes are usually subtle, since they were left in the final cut, as opposed to the errors that get collected in Blooper Reels, which are outtakes that were selected for their comedy value.

Fan Comments

My favourite subject: BLOOPERS!

"Watch this scene!" I'd cry to anyone I could hold captive in front of my VCR. "Watch the towel on Starsky's shoulder when he's fixing breakfast for Sharman in RUNNING. See how it appears and disappears." They'd watch', dutifully, and then try and tune out as I tried to expound on all the various bloopers to be found in the series. "But I thought you LIKED this show," they'd say in amazement. "How come you keep pulling it apart?" I'd just shrug, for they were right in both instances. I did and DO like (for like read adore, exalt, salivate over...) S&H, both the characters and the show itself, and finding faults doesn't detract from it in any way — at least not for me — if anything, it serves to endear it to me even more. It proves in a way that I watch it TOTALLY. Total concentration — hearing every word, observing every frame of film, every move, every nuance, every glance, every gesture, and naturally — every blooper. [1]


  1. ^ from a fan in Shootout #3 (1984)