Bloody Glass

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Title: Bloody Glass
Author(s): Cathryn
Date(s): July 17, 2000 (HPSlash), September 15, 2000 (
Length: 364 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Bloody Glass is a Harry Potter story by Cathryn.


When it was posted to HPSlash on July 17, 2000, it was the second Harry/Draco fic posted to the internet.

For context, see other early Harry/Draco fics.

Author's Introduction

Draco Malfoy contemplates his hatred of Harry Potter. Rating given due to darkness and m/m themes.

Don't like it, don't read it. Not that hard, really.

Fan Comments:


Good but it sort of points toward gay, or Draco is co-dependant he need's therapy in that case.
Wow, this is real. It's almost the way I imagined Draco, accept that Cho hating part.
wow that was pretty twisted and fairly sick... could it be that Draco is jelous because Harry doesn't spend half as much time on him as Draco spends on Harry? Geez haveing an arch nemisis is exhausting! I loved this, post a continuation!
Okay... Pretty good, but... is Draco gay? I can't tell if he wants Harry to be his friend or something, or um... you get the picture. Answer my Q, please.
I love it. *nods* Feel special. It actually represents what I think Draco feels, instead of that "I'm an abused, jealous, deprived child" crap. :) I hope you continue writing, because I just love this story. *goes off to put Cathryn on her Author Alert thingy*
That was Great! I think that's how Draco would feel in the real books, because Harry & Co sorta ignore him in the real books. JK Rowling should bring him out more and make him a main character! He's my fav. character, you can tell.
Wow, Harry Potter slash! I've been looking for weeks for it! Yea. Good story, I'm off to read the rest.
That was really quite freaky. Hats off for writing the shortest sensible fic ever.
HurraH! HP SLASH! *does slash fic dance* I like this... very very Draco, with a hint of Norman Bates on the side. *applauds*
Oh my god, Ohmygod, Ohmy god, Oh my GOD. THANK YOU. I'm a slash fiend, and there's like NOTHING here at ff.n... and this... this was wonderful. Dark, brooding, perfectl;y Draco...and,...I'm going out on a limb here, but... I jes' aw in the summary for one of yer other stories... "snape sees history repeat itself"... NO! NO! NO! NO! NOT FUCK!NG FAIR! Snape being in..well...lust with James was MY idea, dammit! AUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHH!HHHHHHH! Wait,, thanks again, love and kisses, great story!


mmmm. that was a good fix of angst. i like your characterization; it's about the closest to canon that i've come by in H/D ficcing. needs to be longer, tho!


Hi Cathryn. PurityBrown just recommended this your piece on the D/H shippers' board over at fictionalley. I see what she's great! Jam packed with emotion and content, and Draco's voice sounds so authentic. Thanks for channeling, uh, him through your talent.
I like it ... very canon, nice and authentic Draco. Although I'm not into the whole slash thing, this is one of the most tasteful, believable twists in that direction that I've seen. Rant on, Draco!


I LOVE IT! Damn that Harry ignoring Draco. I agree Cho's face should be smothered in glass. HAHAHAHA! Excuse my strangeness.
Bravo, darling. Very nicely done. 9.9 out of 10.


I came across this tonight, and wow, I love it! I'm quite ambivalent when it comes to Harry Potter slash, but this was really well-written and completely in character for Draco. There wasn't the Redeemed!Draco or SexGodofSlytherin!Draco that I see so often in Harry/Draco slash; it was simply the petty, mean Draco we know from canon with real feelings, and therefore the story was believable.


In this story there are m/m themes where the m/m themes occur Draco is out of character. He has his issues, but he isn't the kind of character to think that violent of thoughts. If he was I have to question why people like said pairing not because it is a slash pairing but Draco has the signs of turning into an abuser. That's not romantic.